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Nutrient Deficient Vegetables?

Updated: Jun 20, 2018

Most people believe that we get all nutrients that we need from our food.

As agriculture has become industrialized for the masses, the soils in which fruits and vegetables are mainly produced, have become overworked. Farmers long ago understood that their parcels of land should be left standing for a year, so as to replenish their grounds nutrients and healthy soil bacteria.

Today's crop fields are overworked to where there are very little soil nutrients left for the plants themselves to absorb.

Additionally, modern industrial farming operations have taken over once abundant rural family farms, and most industrialized farms treat the livestock as strictly a commodity; injecting poisons into them to fatten them up and increase their yield. Cultivation of the 'dead boxed food' industry, where plant nutrients and parts are separated, rearranged, and then given man-made additives to preserve them only increases the ratio of nutrient loss.

How do we know how many nutrients are in our fresh vegetables and fruits?

It is now fairly known that the body needs 90 essential nutrients daily, in order to support, strengthen and maintain a body's immune system. With depleted soil nutrients, pesticides and harvesting systems focused more on monetization than nutrient supplying, the fact is, we just don't know where any of us stand nutritionally speaking. But it's fairly certain that just by investigating our food production processes, that many of our nutrients have gone missing from our foods.

How do we balance the nutrition equation?

Awareness counts. Becoming alert to what you are eating daily, is an imperative part of the process of changing over to a more nutritious diet. Incorporating more organic foods into your grocery cart helps to eliminate pesticide consumption. And supplementing your diet daily with essential nutrients purchased from a soundly operating nutritional supply company will start you on the road to better health. Your cells will certainly appreciate even a few small dietary changes.

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