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Preventative & Nutritional Consultations 

Whole Family 


Get the whole family involved in a nutrition program geared to keep each member's immune system healthy and strong. Each parent and child is nutritionally assessed. Nutrition deficiencies are addressed and combined into a nutrition rich family plan.


If your children have spectrum, emotional or physical issues, an organic food diet combined with the right supplements can balance out the worst of symptoms. Have your children nutritionally assessed and start them on a lifelong health plan. 

Adult Consultation
& 2nd Opinion

Have chronic symptoms you can't heal? Suffer uncomfortable side effects from prescription drugs? Get an assessment of your health and learn how to heal minor symptoms naturally before they become advanced via a balanced nutrition plan.

Nutrition for
Sports & Injuries

Is your life built on a schedule of heavy sports training? Find out if your internal body system is sound enough to manage and process those heavy workouts. Manage pain from chronic or repeating body injuries via nutrition and supplementation.

Pain or Weight Management

Gain the support you'll need on an extended program that addresses not only the issue at hand, but also catapults you into an entirely new lifestyle of healthy eating and exercise. Weekly meets can bring magical results in a few short months.

Cancer Treatments 

Don't let the fear of a cancer diagnosis prevent you from taking positive action. Whether on a chemotherapy plan now or just freshly diagnosed, get educated to a the many non-toxic ways to heal and manage cancer symptoms and pain. 

You Don't Need An Ailment to Come See the Doctor!

Are you seeking advice on a matter not mentioned above? Would a general information visit with the Doctor help clarify some random nutrition or health questions you have? Feel free to schedule an appointment to come see Dr. Rodger, ND in person just to have an informative chat. 

Learn What to Expect on Your First Visit 

Start Your Healthy Lifestyle 


The skyrocketing costs of the medical and insurance industries have caused massive shifts in the way people have begun to perceive healing possibilities for their ailments. More and more individuals are addressing their health issues by seeking out more natural and alternative healing modalities. Across the globe individuals are taking proactive and preventative measures by reassessing their lifestyle habits, exercising and eating organic foods. A Naturopathic doctor can offer a multitude of options available in the alternative healing field, thus giving individuals hope and relief from stubborn symptoms and chronic illnesses, where hope has dwindled or has been lost. By addressing a more wholistic view of a person's illness; it enables individuals to choose from a vast array of healing options not offered by the Allopathic Medicine industry.

Dr. Rodger, ND stresses supplementation in the diet, including vitamin C, magnesium, calcium, Vitamin ‘D’ and pro-biotics. He believes that a person cannot get enough nutrition from today’s foods alone. Antioxidants also play an important part, as they combat the free radicals in our system. Dr. Rodger, ND essentially wants his clients to learn to how to create a healthy lifestyle for both themselves and their families.


During a 90-minute consultation, he starts by taking your pH balance both oral and urine. He conducts Nutritional Reaction Tests (NRT) so he is able to identify the nutritional requirements the body needs. He then creates a program, including supplementation, highlighting the importance of the right types of water, organic foods, exercise and proper sleeping patterns in order to obtain optimal health.


“Naturopathic Doctors address the underlying cause and progress from there.

Your Health is an Investment - Not an Expense


with NJ's Top

Naturopathic Doctor


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