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Preparing for Your Initial Consultation


  • Come casual and comfortable.

  • Bring all recent tests results (Xrays, CT scans, blood tests, etc.).

  • Bring all bottles of supplements or medications you are currently taking.

  • Please be on time and plan on a 90 minute appointment.

You will first be asked to fill out a patient assessment form and an informed consent form. You will have the opportunity to describe your health issues in depth and ask questions of Dr. Rodger, ND in a private and relaxed atmosphere. The examination will cover discussion about your current health issue, genetics, environmental, and family or work circumstances, including your personal health goals. You may be given a urine test, blood type test or the doctor may muscle test you on the spot. It is important that you bring the most recent test results or scans (obtain them from your primary doctor prior) so that Dr. Rodger, ND has as much information as possible regarding your circumstances.


Based on the test results and medication information you provide him, Dr. Rodger will conduct a complete naturopathic health assessment and upon your next visit, he will discuss a personalized program of naturopathic care that he has prepared. 


Payment is due at the time of the appointment. Payment can also be made online prior to scheduling an appointment. Dr. Rodger. ND accepts cash, check, and all major credit cards.

Your Second Appointment


During your second visit, Dr. Rodger will describe in depth, his assessment of your current health status and will make naturopathic recommendations to address and remedy your health issues. This may include instructions regarding diet, exercise, certain supplements, recommended outside therapeutic modalities (such as massage), suggested additional lab testing and muscle testing. 


It is very important that you feel comfortable with each of the steps discussed involved in your care and therefore, all of your questions and concerns will be addressed at that time. Subsequent visits will be scheduled on an as-needed basis, so as to monitor your progress or modify your treatment plan as your health begins to improve. The frequency and length of additional visits will depend on your individual case and the treatments recommended.

Follow-up Appointments


In some cases, such as a chronic illness, cancer or issues with obesity, where a longer term plan of action is required, Dr. Rodger, ND will discuss with you an array of plan options that work best with your lifestyle. It is imperative that a workable plan is designed to keep you on a consistent track of building new lifestyle habits that include healthy eating, exercise, which lead to recovery. Available starting plans are as short as six  weeks or twelve weeks, and payment plans are available.

Cancellation Policy

It is appreciated that 24 hours notice be given by phone for cancellation or rescheduling of appointments. Without prior notification, you may be billed for late arrivals (beyond 10 minutes) and any missed appointments, at the sole discretion of Dr. Rodger, ND.

Call 908.223.8899 to schedule an appointment! 

Dr. Rodger's office is conveniently located right off of Route 202 in Flemington, NJ.
Schedule your family appointment on any Saturday (9 am - 12 pm) or (1 pm  - 4 pm).

Consultation Fee
Initial Consultation / 120 Minute Visit

10% Off for Seniors over Age 65

More than 2 children, call for discount pricing.

Dr. Derek Rodger (ND)

6 Quimby Lane

Flemington, NJ 08822

908-223-8899 Office

Your Health is an Investment - Not an Expense
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