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A Scottish Gem

Changing the Ways We View and Treat Cancer

Carole's Story

by Michele M. Rodger

Carole Rodger was the beloved sister of Dr. Rodger and best friend of Michele Rodger. Growing up in Scotland she dreamt of getting married to her prince, having two children, and living in her castle happily ever after. At 17 she found her prince, got married, had two children, and moved into her castle. Then her fairy tale world crumbled. She had always dreaded one aspect of her childhood memories ...being part of another broken family. But divorce did become her reality and she ultimately moved, to start a new life for herself and her children.

An unwavering desire to find true love, adventure, and to live life to its fullest led her to the sport of mountain climbing. She trained to climb the Matterhorn and on a blind date set up by a fellow climber, she met her true prince. She was married in a Scottish Palace on Valentine's Day and then packed her bags to relocate to New York to be with her beloved.

Just when dream life became a beautiful new reality, Carole was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer. Carole's Story is about her journey with chemotherapy and the emotional roller coaster with chemical treatments, which fortified an incredible strength of spirit and hope within her. As chemo failed, and towards the end of her life, she researched natural ways to heal.


Her journey and personal discoveries now serve as inspiration for others who seek natural ways to heal and reverse cancer.

Book Exerpt

Training for the Big Climb

It didn't take Carole long to decide she'd be climbing the Matterhorn. She knew that day, but her thighs had hurt so much that she couldn't commit until she had some kind of fitness plan in place. She talked to her brother, and he encouraged her to train by doing what she'd be doing on the mountain. Carole did her research and found out the type of terrain they'd be climbing, and she and Brenda tried to challenge themselves as much as they could with the peaks in their area. They obviously knew nothing would be as high as what they were training for, but it was a matter of building up their stamina and strengthening their leg muscles.

For the next year she got out and climbed a Munro as often as every other weekend, and when she wasn't able to, she made sure she got some form of exercise. The indoor rock climbing wall and her stepper became part of her alternative schedule. They climbed Beinn Ime at 3317 feet, Ben Lui at 3707 feet,and Ben More at 3852 feet, and with each climb Carole felt herself getting stronger and 

stronger. Being out in the fresh air gave her a sense of freedom that she had never felt before. Even in inclement weather they went out and since that was the norm, it made the climbs more challenging. Sometimes the visibility on the Munro's was so poor, they could barely see five feet in front of them. Carole was training and nothing - especially a little rain and fog - was going to get in the way of reaching her goal. It wouldn't be Scotland if the cloudy days or rainfall didn't outnumber the clear days. Besides, she liked the rain and believed it was one of the reasons she had a good complexion. Carole was also starting to believe when she put her mind to something, whether she was focusing on something good or bad, it would come to fruition. This time her focus was on a positive task: she would be fit enough to climb that big mountain...

About the Author 

Michele M. Rodger has worked both in corporate America and in the United Kingdom, as a human resources professional for the past 19 years. She earned her bachelor's and master's degrees from Adelphi University's School of Social Work and always had an overwhelming desire to help people. However, it wasn't until her sister-in-law's encounter with cancer that her own life was changed in a profound way. Michele vowed to support alternative treatments to cancer until people diagnosed with stage 4 cancers would not need to die from the disease. That would be the ultimate happy ending to this story. This is her first book. Michele and her husband, Deka, live in Readington Township, New Jersey, with their two sons, Bradley and Cameron.

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What started out solely as a tribute to Carole's life has blossomed into something much larger in scale. In essence, this book serves as a vehicle to support alternative treatments for cancer in hopes that other families won't have to experience the same emotional challenges that the Rodger family had to bear. Hoping for alternative treatments without taking action is no longer an option. Contact the Rodger's to learn ways that you can contribute to helping to forward new and ground breaking research regarding Naturopathic and Non-Toxic ways to heal and reverse cancer. For media queries or further information, contact Michele Rodger.

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