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Harboring illness is like crawling up a mountain.

Wouldn't you rather always stand atop?

Dr. Derek Rodger

(ND) Naturopathic Doctor

CNHP (Certified National Health Practitioner)

CNC (Certified Nutrition Consultant)

MBA (Masters Business Administration)
Diplomate Member of (American Association of Nutritional Consultants)

Professional Member of (International Foundation of Nutrition & Health) 

Dr. Rodger (ND) was catapulted into the world of Naturopathic Medicine after his sister Carole was diagnosed with cancer. After a long battle utilizing the standard Allopathic treatment called 'chemotherapy', together they scrambled to find alternative non-toxic treatments as her health continued to deteriorate. Unfortunately, they were too late in their efforts to save her. Read More >

When the body becomes ill, it is akin to having to climb a huge mountain in order to restore its health. But with the right practitioner by your side, and with a step by step approach to nature-based healing - regaining one's health is no longer an overwhelming or insurmountable journey. After the heart wrenching loss of his sister, Dr. Rodger (ND) continued to be highly motivated to learn all he could about alternative, non-toxic healing treatments. This led him to receive his doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine and to open his private practice in Flemington, NJ, where he now advises, treats and teaches adults and families about how to re-gain or maintain optimal health.


“Success can be obtained if one is prepared to change one's lifestyle.
You will see a definite change in a relatively short period of time
because good nutrition works fast!”



Dr. Rodger (ND) additionally trains those interested in a career in Naturopathic Medicine via a CNC training course, which prepares individuals to become Certified Nutrition Consultants. His teaching philosophy is founded on K.I.S.S. (keep it simple stupid) as he educates individuals to the 'core components' of the nutrition industry. The course, backed by the American Association of Nutritional Consultants, provides a comprehensive road map to a healthy lifestyle. Dr. Rodger's (ND) main goal is to educate people and spread the word about the vital role nutrition and lifestyle play in the health of the body. Nutrition is the absolute basis of his philosophy and practice.

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