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some form of life threatening cancer.  What most people do not know is that Chemotherapy and Radiation does not cure cancer.  Most Oncologists will navigate around answering this question but if pursued they have to tell you.  Their reply will be something like, 'chemotherapy and radiation does not cure cancer we hope to prolong the life of the patient by as much as 5 years".  The next question that should be posed to your Oncologist is and in what capacity of life will that give me if I am treated with chemotherapy and radiation?  Will I lose my hair?  Will I lose weight?  Will I be sick for long periods of time?  Or...

                    Dr. D. Rodger (ND)

Promise of Hope Cancer Foundation:

Is a foundation committed to educating it's members and followers.  Many workshops are conducted throughout the year educating people on traditional mainstream treatments but more importantly the many Holistic Non-Toxic Treatments that are out there that not many people know about.  A question you should be asking yourself at this time is "why don't I know about these Holistic Non-Toxic Treatments?  Workshops are also conducted on the importance of your daily diet and the nutritional value of what you are eating on a daily basis, compared to what you should be eating.  This is the only cancer foundation that we are aware of that one of its main mission is to educate people on every aspect of cancer, but more importantly how to stay healthy in today's current climate.

The Promise of Hope Cancer Foundation holds its major event in the month of September, it is a fantastic event and last year they "Danced For A Cure".  The educational speakers where phenomenal, and I believe they have been requested for 2015.  An event that should be put into your calendar as soon as the event date is confirmed.  I know this tends to be the norm in relation to events, but seats do go very quickly, surprisingly being that it is a very young foundation in comparison.  Another great point about this foundation is that all money raised it is highlighted on their website where these funds are going to be spent.  That in itself is amazing and unlike many other cancer foundations out there, you have no idea where the money is being spent.

To support this foundation please go to their website and make a donation and do not forget to sign up for the newsletter, which is full of educational material.  Please go to: