Dr. D. Rodger (ND)

Alternative Non Toxic Cancer Treatments, that you do not know about, the question is why don't you know about them?

A 90 minute presentation on Non Toxic Cancer Treatments that work will be given by Naturopathic Doctor, Dr. Derek Rodger (ND). 

The presentation will be held at the Hampton Inn, 14B Royal Road, Flemington, NJ 08822 starting at 12:30 pm, on March 5, 2017.

The cost to attend this lifesaving presentation is $20.00.  Please click on the button below to secure your seat.  Spacing is very limited.

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Alternative Non Toxic Cancer Treatments, That Work


The Importance of Proper Nutrition

The refining and processing of foodstuffs that has become so universal in all civilized countries has been done to improve the appearance, keeping qualities (cont)

Dr. D Rodger (ND)

Naturopathic Doctor

My sisters Oncologist told her that they could do nothing else for her and she should go home and enjoy what little time she had left.  She was 42 and her children where (cont)

Alternative Non Toxic Cancer Presentation

March 5, 2017

To obtain your SPECIAL REPORT, put your email in the box provided click on the 'BUY NOW' tab and you will receive it within a 24 hour period depending on , which country you reside.

This Special Report will give you different treatment options for your cancers.  The treatments have not been passed by the FDA, why?  Because they are non toxic, nobody makes any real money from natural treatments, they cannot be patented.  These treatments have been tried, tested and many people who had been told my their Medical Doctor, that there is nothing else we can do for you, have sought out an Alternative treatment and are still here to tell the story. 

Elonna McKibbon, had a very rare central nervous system cancer (Glioblastoma Multiforme, stage IV). 

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She had just given birth to quintuplets and her Oncologist told her that she would not see her children's first birthday.  She had no choice but to try an alternative treatment, a treatment that is not available through your Medical Doctor.  She started her Alternative Non Toxic Cancer Treatment on November 12, 1989 and is still here today to her the story.   After just 3 and 1/2 months new scans of her brain and entire spinal cord came back negative for any signs of cancer.  There are many stories in this report but, it will also direct you to other people who you can contact, where to go for these treatments, how much they cost.   Elonna's treatment for 3 month cost $197.00.   There is also other Naturopathic Doctor's, you can contact other than myself to obtain more information.

The cost of the report is $79.95, a small fee for saving people's lives and maybe yours.  The funds go to a good cause, please click on the cancer tab at the top of the page and visit our Promise of Hope Cancer Foundation web site.  To buy this Special Report , click on the "BUY NOW", tab at the bottom of the page.

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 560,000 Americans die from some form of cancer every year.  According to the American Cancer Society one out of every two to three Americans will be diagnosed with (cont)h